National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, this month was used by The Academy of Nutrition And Dietetics ( to encourage nutrition education, and the importance of informed food choices and engaging in physical activity. As a Nutritionist, I love to see nutrition celebrated for a month, although I feel it should be honored year round!

This being my first post I thought I would tell you a little of my story with nutrition. I used to have a poor appetite and tended to eat foods with low nutritional value, which contributed to my struggle with iron and Vitamin B-12 deficiencies. However, through my studies I better understood the need for all the nutrients and the effect they have on a person, therefore adjusting my diet and lifestyle.

I often tried to keep up with my exercise routine, which made adding a balanced diet rather tolerable. When I was at a crossroads on what to do in college, it was suggested for me to pursue nutrition and dietetics, I had found what I was meant to study! Through what I was learning in my classes and being encouraged to try, I adjusted to eating more variety of foods, including lots of proteins and vegetables, two food groups that I was previously lacking in. Today my diet consists of all the food groups, although sometimes my proteins could be a little more varied. The most important part of nutrition that I try to encourage my clients to do is have fun with it and enjoy everything in moderation. I work as a Nutritionist with WIC (Women Infant Children) and love what I do, which is help the community and encourage nutritious foods that I love.

I hope you guys enjoy checking out this blog as much as I enjoy putting it together. Have fun making good eating choices, til the next time!

Happy National Nutrition Month!


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